The Mermaid by Dust Echoes Podcast


Hello – this podcast provides a discussion into a short film The Mermaid by Dust Echoes, the second story from a series of stories out of Central Arnhem land.  We discuss the importance of land as well as analyse parts of the film together.  It is a good idea to watch the film a few times, and pause the podcast to make notes.  No music this time, as I ran out of time to edit.

Dust Echoes - Mermaid Story 1 | An old songman feels neglect… | Flickr

ABC Dust Echoes, "Mermaid Story" - YouTube

Dust Echoes - Mermaid Story 2 | An old songman feels neglect… | Flickr

Dust Echoes3 - YouTube

Bibliographic details for ‘Mermaid’:

Dust Echoes, ‘Mermaid’, ABC Education

14 May 2020

With thanks to the Djilpin Aboriginal Arts Corporation


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