Episode 1: Textual Conversations with Keats and Campion


An introductory podcast to Module A: Textual Conversations with the prescribed poetry of Keats and Campion.  Our focus in this podcast in on Bright Star, if I were stedfast as though art and the matching scenes from Campion where Keats’ poem is read.  We also briefly discuss the rubric. Hope you enjoy!

Module A Textual Conversations rubric 

Bright Star, if I were stedfast as thou art

Bright Star final scene


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  1. Hi, I stumbled into this podcast whilst attempting to compile and edit my essays for Merchant of Venice and Keats/Campion and I would just really like to express how much I loved this podcast. Wanting to be a teacher myself when I graduate this podcast has truly inspired me and I hope to be as dedicated to my students as you guys are. I also loved your insights into the text in general, your exploration of Campion’s conversation with Keats genuinely made me appreciate her so much more.



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